The Laundromat to Visit 

With convenient hours, high-efficiency machines, and affordable prices, Launderland of Roseville takes the stress out of doing laundry. We are a full-service laundry facility where you can wash your clothes yourself or have us clean them for you. Visit us today in Roseville, CA!

You can use our modern and well-maintained washers and dryers any day of the week. If you want us to do the washing, drying, and folding for you, just drop off your dirty clothes during office hours. Our attendant on duty will gladly take them and let you know when we can return them to you.

Our Facility

When you approach our front doors, they will automatically open to let you inside our Laundromat. This means you don’t have to struggle to open our doors with an armful of clothes.

During attended hours, our back door is open. You can park your car and simply come in to do your laundry.

Our location offers easy access and ample parking. We also have laundry carts that you can use to carry loads to and from our facility.

With our large workspace, you can easily sort and fold your clothes at your own pace. We also give you open access to sinks, soap, and paper towels so you can clean up.

Our facility features free Wi-Fi and TV, so you can have an enjoyable time while you wait for your clothes in the washer or dryer. You can also use our clean restroom anytime you wish.

Our State-of-the-Art Equipment

Washers and Dryers
Manufactured by Speed Queen, our commercial-grade washers provide top-quality wash and quick dry times. The front-load washers feature extra rinse cycles and deliver high-speed extract, which removes most of the water for swift, inexpensive drying.

Also made by Speed Queen, our dryers are extremely fast, efficient, and have various temperature settings. We have huge, 30-pound dryers that can dry almost anything. No plastic, please. For your added benefit, we frequently clean the lint filters so they dry better.

With several machines available in our facility, you can wash and dry all of your items at the same time, thus saving you time! Our wide array of equipment includes:

  • 17 top-load washers for smaller loads
  • 14 front-load washers, varying from 25 pounds to 60 pounds in capacity, for washing larger items or a lot of pieces at a time
  • 25 dryers with a 30-pound capacity


A Look at Our Extra Features

Bill Changers
We have a bill-to-bill changer to take your 20-dollar and 10-dollar bills and gives you five-dollar bills. 2 coin changers are also available to convert your five-dollar and one-dollar bills into quarters. You might need to use this because all of our machines accept only quarters.

Other Equipment:

  • Soap vending machine
  • Carts
  • 6 big tables for folding clothes
  • 2 televisions

Some Things to Remember 

Top-Load Washers
The top-load washers properly work when loosely filled, which means it should be approximately three-fourths full. Use these machines only for clothing.

Front-Load Washers
Use the front-load washers for blankets, comforters, sleeping bags, and rugs. To ensure that they are cleaned thoroughly, put them in a machine with the appropriate size.

To determine the size of the washer to use, place your items inside the machine and check if there is room for movement. If space is not sufficient, move up to a bigger front-load washer or use more than one machine.

Above the machines, there are signs that describe them. The instructions for use are on the front of each washer.

All of our dryers run for 8 minutes per quarter, and you may put in more than a single quarter at a time. The dryers only work when the doors are closed, but the timers continue to run even when the dryer doors are open.

Do not place plastic items inside the dryers. This is for safety reasons.

Shoes may knock the dryer doors open. You may put shoes in a dryer only if you are going to stay, pick them up off the floor when they fall out, and put them back in. Otherwise, you might find that the time has run out, but your things are not yet dry when you come back.

Stop in and see how fast you can do your laundry! To learn more about who we are and what we can do for you, call us at 916-786-3178.